Poultry Planning Software

Unitas Poultry Manager facilitates forecasting and planning for broiler, breeders, hatchery and factory.

Broiler Planning

Placement planning, held in one central system, indicates when birds are to be placed and whether the hatchery can supply, or if day olds need to be purchased.

Breeder Planning

Actual egg flow and projected egg flows are embedded in the system to accurately forecast egg production using standards based on breed, seasonal variation, farm and house performance.

Breed Standard Management

A key tool in the planning cycle is the Breed Standard management tool. This allows historical, weekly, daily standards to be set against each breed type for all key variables. Examples include bird weight, hatching eggs, production eggs, water and feed consumption.

Egg Production Capture

Farms have a direct link to the system so that they can update it immediately with egg production and egg stock information.

Hatchery Planning

The Hatchery, with direct access to farm stock and egg production information and using the breed standard management tool, can predict hatching eggs for all breed types.

Factory Planning

Greater co-ordination between the farms and the factory planner provides a clearer picture of weights and stocking densities. Accurate daily visibility of birds from initial placement allows the planner to draft and continually refine the final factory intake plan. Automated forecast calculations and visibility of what is happening on the ground give the planner the tools to concentrate on reducing give away and factory shortages.