Poultry Farms Software

Unitas Poultry manager gives instant visibility across all farms for improved decision making

Farm Data Capture

Production information can be captured daily, weekly or as required. Information such as weight, mortalities, water and temperature are recorded with the ability to add new or remove customised variables at any time.


Farms and agriculture staff have instant access to benchmarking with dashboards highlighting results such as FCR, Gas usage, EPEF and mortality. Dashboards show position in league compared with other farms.

Breed Standard & Performance Reporting

With visibility of breeder planning and actual egg production on farms ,the hatchery has full visibility of planned eggs and actual production.

Exception & Target Reporting

Exception and Target Reporting tools highlight all key performance indicators from production through to kill and hatching results.

Financial Analysis

Farm managers and technical staff can be given the appropriate permissions to see financial performance results such as gas, feed and FCR.

Kill Performance

Farm managers and factory managers have real time access to kill result information such as hockburn %, footburn %, DOA, expected weight vs. actual.

Hatching Egg Performance

Laying farms and agriculture staff have real time visibility of hatchability performance.

Communication Tools

An audited messaging system & library allows farmers, agriculture and planning staff to communicate through one integrated solution.