Poultry Factory Software

Greater visibility of crop activity combined with enhanced predictability helps the factory production planner reduce “give away” and potential factory shortages.

Factory Planning

Greater co-ordination between the farms and the factory provides a clearer picture of weights and stocking densities. Accurate daily visibility of birds from initial placement allows planners to draft and continually refine the final factory intake plan. With automated forecast calculations and visibility of what is happening on the ground, the planner now has the tools to concentrate on reducing give away and factory shortages.

Lift Manager

Pallet, bird quantities and collection time information is automatically updated, allowing the lift manager to assign the necessary collection teams.

Factory Kill Manager

Recording of kill results is an integral part of Unitas Poultry Manager. The system provides for the recording of individual kill quantities, tonnage and quality.

Factory Kill Analysis

For traceability from farm to table, a range of quality assurance figures can be measured such as the time delay between lift and processing, crop score, collection team and general crop condition information. Condemns and reject results are presented clearly to both farm and factory.